Women’s Designer Necklace


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The necklace adds a splash of color to your persona! It’s a delightful addition to your collection which is sure to get you more compliments than before. Check out the item for a never before touch of jazz to your presentation.



Violet and gold is a combination that just couldn’t go wrong.

The fashion jewelry item is elegant and could work well with any outfit. While it is reasonably trendy, the ethnic undertones are hard to miss.

The tassel has an adjustable thread to let you decide upon the neckline. The modern and fancy look goes perfectly with the exquisite elegance of the jewelry.

Colors are bright but enduring. Your necklace is smart and reasonably sturdy, but cleaning it up may harm the delicate fabric. Please be careful while using.

Storage instructions:

Store the necklace separately in a box for multiple reuses and safeguarding the fabric and color.

1 review for Women’s Designer Necklace

  1. Sushma Mahajan

    A beautiful product…perfect combination of color looks very pretty on this necklace.

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