Boho Necklace with Earings


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The look of this necklace delights with sheer magnificence. It’s the ideal jewelry for the lady of substance and simply class redefined.



The pendant is exceedingly graceful and so is the string. The entire effect is marvelous. The selection in necklaces for women is sure to delight the onlookers endlessly.

The ethnic charm of the necklace is beyond comparison. The effect is perfectly mastered with matching earrings, which are classy while being very simple. It’s an item of jewelry that just cannot fail to delight!

Length of the necklace is around 22 inches. Your necklace is smart and reasonably sturdy, but cleaning it up may harm the delicate fabric. Please be careful while using.

Storage instructions:

Store the necklace separately in a box for multiple reuses and safeguarding the fabric and color.

2 reviews for Boho Necklace with Earings

  1. Sharmila Sengupta

    Awesome hand made product.
    Nice design. Size as expected. Value for Money.

  2. Pooja Awasthi

    Very Pretty set. I was a little skeptical about the quality and finish of the product because of the low price. But it is much better than what was expected. Clean finish and looks much expensive. The color combination is just perfect. Must buy.

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